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Hong Kong Market x WeChat Pay HK
launch extra rebates for Consumption Voucher Scheme

The Consumption Voucher Scheme is opened for registration from July 4, 2021. In order to meet the digital age, “Hong Kong Market”, under Uni-China Group will cooperate with various electronic payment platforms closely.


As a strategic partner of the group, WeChat Pay HK has held the "WeChat Pay Consumer Voucher Ceremony" today to release the details of the Consumption Voucher offers. The chairman of the group, Mr. Jackie Ling, was invited as a guest speaker to share his experience about the development and execution of electronic payment in “Hong Kong Market” and officiated the ceremony with other guests.


In addition, the group is going to launch a series of special promotions with WeChat Pay HK, for rewarding additional rebates to customers who use Consumption Voucher with WeChat Pay HK. In further, the Group will also continue to collaborate with different partners to provide diversified offers to customers.

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