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​Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po
Cashless Consumer Experience


Financial Secretary Paul Chan Mo-po visited Shek Lei Market to communicate with the public and merchants today. Meanwhile, he purchased food through electronic payment, trying to have a cashless consumer experience.


At present, the 30 markets operated by Uni-China Group all support 17 electronic payment methods. The mobile payment coverage rate is as high as 90%, with approximately 2,000 merchants accepting electronic payments. “Hong Kong Market” is the first market in Hong Kong that fully supports electronic payment services and e-membership program.


Customers who use WeChat Pay HK in "Hong Kong Market" can enjoy extra rebate rewards worth up to HK$800 million by using HK$5,000 digital voucher! "Hong Kong Market" and Fusion Bank are also planning to launch more consumer discounts. Details will be announced later.


In future, the Group will actively cooperate with different electronic payment platforms to launch more preferential programs, hoping to bring a more convenient consumption pattern to merchants and consumers. The Group will also continue to create greater value for the community through activation projects, and strive to integrate technology into all levels of the market, including retail, management and customer experience. It is hoped that through the "different market shopping experience", the Group will create all-rounded "smart markets", adding value to the traditional industry.

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